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Porter Case Stowaway 20-20 W

200503bc_portercsstwawy_1 Looking for a case that's as tough as you are? Or at least as tough as you wish you were? Porter Cases are the Volvos of photo equipment cases. They may not be the prettiest, most styling cases, but they're rugged and they keep all your gear safe from damage.       

The new Stowaway 20-20 W is an ATA 300-style stackable, shippable case designed as part of a "total travel system." It mates with all Porter Case cart style carryons. Male channels on the bottom of the Stowaway lid allows other Stowaway cases to stack and nest on top.

Measuring about 20” X 20” X 12.5” deep inside, the Stowaway 20-20 W is constructed of tuff polyethylene plastic, with an aluminum valance, lid stays, and comes as cloth lined, with layered foam, or an adjustable divider system. It has ATA style bumped out corners that protect the heavy duty twist latches, steel hinges, ball bearing wheels, extension handle, padded spring loaded side loop handles, and weighs in at 17 pounds.

At $279, the Stowaway 20-20 W has a Volvo-like price, too, but quality always costs a little more. See Porter Case for more information.