Mastering Marketing

Columnist Angela Pointon advises photographers through her company Hand Select Your Clients. She is a photographer and an adjunct professor of photography at Drexel University. Her book is "The Art of a Photo Business."

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Uncover and Share Your Why

Engage clients emotionally by sharing your motivation.


February 2015
How to Offer Products That Sell

Learn to adopt a product sales strategy.

January 2015
Make It a Phenomenal Customer Experience

Engage customers in every way.

November 2014
52 Weeks of Photo Blogging

Use your blog to attract new clients.

September 2014
Seven Deadly Sales Sins

Stop making these mistakes that are costing you money.

August 2014
Create a Remarkable Customer Experience

A free guide to making your photography business stand out in a crowded market.

July 2014
Return on investment guide

Download a free return on investment guide to help you plan your marketing budget.

June 2014
Craft Your Vision Statement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Grand dreams can be realized if you define them.

March 2014
25 ideas: Giveaways That Entice Clients

Let potential customers take something helpful from your site

February 2014
Checklist: How to Infuse Personality into Your Business

Spark yor customer's emotional brain!

January 2014
How to Use Video as a Marketing Tool

Video doesn't have to be complicated! See how you can use it to enhance in-studio sales.

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