DxO Optics Pro 8
DxO Optics Pro 8 automatically enhances raw and JPEG images by removing noise, optimizing exposure and contrast, boosting colors, applying optical and geometrical corrections, and enhancing details. The application tailors corrections for the camera and lens used.
Portrait Professional 11 (Standard Edition)
Portrait Professional is portrait airbrushing software that's "trained" in human beauty. The application can fix blemishes, reduce or remove wrinkles, eliminate shine, reshape facial elements, enhance the eyes and mouths, alter hair color and texture, and adjust the lighting. Sliders control the application of effects.
Price: $39.90.
Blog Collage v3
Blog Collage v3 is a fast tool for creating Web-ready image collages. Allows fully automated designs, semi-automated row design, or manual cluster design. Features eight built-in looks to match your branding.
Price: $79.
ProSelect Pro 2012r2
ProSelect Pro 2012r2 offers robust album design and layout tools, but this popular presentation, sales, and workflow software does much more. ProSelect Pro's latest version includes updated templates, automatic price calculation for framing and extras, support for frame ordering, and a new information bar that shows all the data about the selected item.
Price: $749 or $49/month.
Animoto Pro
Animoto captures another Hot One Award for version 8 of its slideshow software, which combines photography, video clips, words, and music into an HD show. The software includes more than 1,000 Triple Scoop Music songs, video styles created by notable photographers, a Lightroom plug-in, and one-step social media connections.
Price: $39 per month or $249 per year.
StudioCloud Business Management Software
With a robust feature set, StudioCloud is a free desktop application with integrated cloud services. StudioCloud users get access to StudioCloud's free desktop business management software; its online syncing capabilities; and its free iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Android tablet apps.
Price: Free.