• Cameras
    • Digital SLR (full-frame sensor)
    • Digital SLR (APS-C sensor)
    • Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera
    • Digital video capture (all eligible)
  • Lighting Equipment
    • Studio Lighting
    • Location Lighting
    • On-camera flash
    • Continuous light/LED
    • Light modifier
  • Lenses
    • Portrait lens
    • Macro lens
    • Telephoto zoom lens
    • Multi-function lens (e.g. macro, wide-angle, and telephoto)
    • Action lens
    • Wide-angle lens
  • Gear (tripods, bags, grips, meters, etc.)
    • Tripod/Monopod
    • Bag/Case/Pack
    • Other
  • Studio Equipment (backdrops, color mgmt, props, stands, etc.)
    • Software
      • Retouching
      • Creative effects
      • Business/Productivity
      • Mobile app
      • Other
    • Presentation & Marketing Materials
      • Photo album
      • Display product (frames, boxes, etc.)
      • Novelty product (balls, mugs, posters, etc.)
      • Marketing product (labels, cards, templates, etc.)
      • Packaging (ribbons, folios, bags, etc.)
      • Other
    • Write-in (all other products, services)

      Entry Process

      The 2015 Hot One Awards entry process is open now and will continue until Wednesday, April 29 (midnight EDT). Using our online form, you may enter as many products as you wish, as long as they adhere to the submission requirements.

      Submission Requirements

      The Hot One Awards are open to new or significantly revised products officially released between March 16, 2014, and March 15, 2015.

      Proof of product availability may be required before a winner is announced. Entries for recently released products must include a link to an e-commerce site that carries the product or have some other form of verification that the product is currently available to customers.

      Please submit a separate form for each product you want to nominate. If you have a product or service that does not fit into one of the official product categories, please use the Other category.

      Please do not send product samples, hard-copy entry forms or other product information to the Professional Photographer offices as these items will not be considered in the judging. Please do not attempt to contact or correspond with the judges directly. Judges will not review product samples sent by contestants.

      Professional Photographer reserves the right to adapt and modify categories based on entries, feedback from judges, or other editorial determinations. The decisions of the editors related to categories and winning products are final.

      Product Links

      The entry form will include a space to provide a Web link. You may use this space to offer more information about your product or link to an online product demo video.

      Judging Process

      The judges are well-regarded professional photographers who are not employed by Professional Photographer. They have been selected because of their expert level of photography knowledge.

      Judges will make their selections based on the information provided in the Hot One entry form, coupled with their overall industry knowledge. Judges have been instructed to vote only on the categories in which they feel they have a qualified opinion. They will choose one or more product in each category based on its exceptional quality, innovation, design, performance and, where applicable, value for price. If judges are split in a decision over a category, the editors will assign a tie. Categories are decided by a plurality of votes.

      Winners' Rights and Privileges

      Winners will be approved to use the 2015 Hot One Award logo on packaging and promotional literature directly related to the winning product.

      Winners will be included in the special 2015 Hot One Awards write-up, scheduled to appear in the August 2015 issue of Professional Photographer magazine. Winners will also receive recognition on

      For additional information contact Jeff Kent, Hot One Editor, PPA Publications:

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