“The Moment It Clicks:
Photography Secrets From One of the World’s Top Shooters”
Photography Secrets From One of the World’s Top Shooters” Billed as a “book with one foot on the coffee table and one foot in the classroom,” Joe McNally’s new volume from Peachpit Press combines large, vivid images befitting any art book, with practical education, insights and pro tips. McNally distills his experience photographing for Fortune 500 companies and magazines—such as Sports Illustrated, Time and National Geographic—into an informative guide. He illustrates his concepts, gives real-world lessons, and shares behind-the-scenes stories.
Price: $54.99.
“3-Dimensional Contrast: Principles of Photographic Lighting”
The educational DVD “3-D Contrast” illustrates the concepts of legendary lighting expert Dean Collins as used in videography as well as digital photography. Collins created the original version in 1991 to teach photographers how light and shadow could be manipulated to create depth in a photograph, the representation of a 3D subject in a 2D plane. This DVD adapts those concepts for 21st century technology and modern digital imaging.
Price: $59.
Café Joy
Pioneered by award-winning photographer and marketing guru Sarah Petty, Café Joy is a membership service that brings cutting-edge marketing education to your home. The Café involves a monthly program that guides photogrpahers through manageable tasks aimed at building a profitable studio. Membership in Café Joy includes templates, graphic elements, promotional ideas and more. The Café also has a members-only section, The Pantry, where there are specials on educational webinars. Well-known photographers—Café Joy’s “celebrity chefs”—provide valuable insights.
Price: $199 membership fee, plus $35 per month.