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TOP GEAR: 2013 Hot One Awards

Jamie Pflughoeft Puts Animals at Ease

Review: CamRanger Remote Control

Review: WD Sentinel DX4000

My Studio: Ervin Photography


Web Exclusives *August

Expose 3 Brings Amazing Alignment and De-ghosting to HDR

HDR use is far from universal even among photographers comfortable with HDR imaging, because of three limiting factors: the inability to batch process multiple files from a shoot to create HDR images; the need to use a tripod while shooting to ensure absolute alignment of the original images; and the need to have no or at least minimal movement in the scene during captures. Several HDR software solutions have addressed some of these issues with reasonable success, but HDR Expose 3 from Unified Color is the first to solve all three successfully in a single product.

Organize, Share, and Collaborate with Moxtra

The world of project-based applications continues to evolve and one of the newest additions to this genre is called Moxtra. At first glance you may think "Oh look, it's another Pinterest," but Moxtra is capable of so much more than just being a virtual place to collect virtual things.

Tutorial: Nikon R1C1 Close-up Speedlight System

The field of photography encompasses many disciplines, and each has its niche. Manufacturers support those niches with products to simplify the technical side of photography and allow the photographer to concentrate on the creative side. For close-up and macro photographers with Nikons, Nikon created the R1C1 Close-up Speedlight System.