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Beth Jansen Invites Clients into Her World for a Premium Baby Portrait Experience

Lori Nordstrom Serves the Senior Market While Remaining True to Her Unique Style

Review: Photogenic CL500

Product Roundup: Baby Portraiture Products


Web Exclusives *August

How To Plan, Produce, and Sell Your Photo Book: Part 1

Do you have a great idea for a photography book but are unsure how to get it published? The good news is that there are more publishing options today than ever before. Besides working with traditional publishers, doing it yourself is an often practical alternative.

Improve Your Precision with LensAlign MkII

Outside of making one yourself, there are a couple of kits available to make the AF fine-tuning process easy, but the most venerable is the LensAlign from Michael Tapes Design. The original LensAlign PRO and LensAlign Lite have now been replaced by the LensAlign MkII and MkII Plus.

New Ilford Papers and a Special Free Print Offer

Those of us who have been printing our own work for a while recognize Ilford as one of the first paper companies to really embrace the inkjet market. Their Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss papers have been staples for inkjet enthusiasts for years, with solid performance and sensible pricing.