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Dan & Alex McClanahan Follow Their Hearts for Success in Engagement Photography

Cheryl Jones Draws on Classic Art Training to Photograph Boudoir Settings

Generating Referrals Through Customer Service

Review: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Anna Pociask Forges Deep Connections for Soulful Engagement Portraits

Product Roundup: Sales & Marketing Tools

Brian Rueb's Obsession with Photography Leads to Landscape Perfection

Stages of Selling: Take Care of Your Client From the Beginning

Web Exclusives *July

"Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers" Excerpt: What's New in Camera Raw 7.0, The New Camera Raw Workflow

Camera Raw 7.0 offers some further image processing refinements. In particular, there is now a new Process 2012 option in which the main Basic panel controls have been completely revised to provide more extensive editing capabilities for both raw and non-raw images.

Nikon D800: A Filmmaker's DSLR

Not since the release of the D90 in August 2008 has a Nikon DSLR camera hit the market with outstanding video capability. The D90 was the first DSLR to record in high definition, but it was eclipsed almost immediately by Canon’s release of the 5D Mark II, which has dominated the video DSLR market. Now Nikon introduces the D800, a camera that not only matches the performance of Canon’s new 5D Mark III but in some ways surpasses it.

Explore Metal Print Potential

Metal prints are real head-turners. Seriously, we're talking high impact. In an industry where differentiation is critical, metal prints provide photographers with a product that is new, different, and not yet available to the masses of new camera owners. It’s as close to a leg up as can be expected in the current state of the industry, and photographers would be wise to consider metal prints as part of their product offering.