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Fashion Photographer Laura Tillinghast Loves Playing with Light

Pulitzer Prize-winner Brian Smith Shares Secrets for Successful Portraits

Review: Nikon D800

Web Exclusives *June

Portfolio Pro Improves Integration for iPad

Portfolio Pro is a new app for creating a digital portfolio on the iPad, introducing Flickr and Dropbox integration as a welcome addition to the genre.

Travel Photography: How to Get Fabulous Images and Still Have Fun

Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go? Not so fast! Travel photography is very different from everyday client work, and how you travel is every bit as important as what you actually shoot. Consider the following tips for travel photography and your next trip should be smooth sailing as far as your camera is concerned.

Easy Transmitting and Remote Firing with MicroSync II Digital

If you've been in search of a compact wireless transmission system that fires your camera or strobes, then you may want to consider MicroSync Digital products.

Choosing and Using Macro Lenses for Portraits

Without question, macro lenses are among the most versatile type of lens for general photography. All true macro lenses focus from infinity to half life size, and most focus all the way to full life size.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Print

While a photographer’s skill and talent are fundamental to the artistic value of a photo, Douglas Dubler believes that printing is the final and most important part of the art of photography.