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Larry Lourcey Documents Clients' Personalities by Minimizing His Own

Gary Hughes Reconciles His Photography Misconceptions for a Positive Future

Review: Chimera Studio System Plus Kit 5645

Product Roundup: Products for Teens


Web Exclusives *April

Tiffen Dfx 3.0: Creative Control

As a portrait photographer specializing in fine art prints, I'm keen to try new digital processing methods. I was introduced to The Tiffen Co. 20 years ago as an art student when I was using a film camera and trying out Tiffen's lens filters. Today, I'm delighted to discover Tiffen Dfx 3.0 software, which combines the company's expertise in photo filters, gels, and photo effect accessories in one package.

Stable and Able: Dougmon Camera Support System

The Dougmon handheld camera support system ensures stability through the use of a vertical grip combined with a brace strapped to your forearm. The friction ball head system in the grip, unique to this stabilizer, allows you to move the camera to any angle that your hand and arm can accommodate.

Video Lighting on a Budget

Ask any experienced filmmaker or videographer what is the most essential element of any shoot (other than the camera), and good lighting should be right at the top of the list. When you’re working with a huge production budget, you can pretty much get any kind of lights you want. As the budgets (and crews) become smaller, being able to get good lighting becomes a bigger challenge.