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Justin and Michelle Stevens Play Up Their Bridal Flair

Fun-Loving Affection: Tony and Amy Hoffer

Review: Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR

Product Roundup: Wow Your Wedding Clients


Web Exclusives *March

Add Textures to Your Images with a Photoshop Action

You can create unique and elegant imagery by adding textures to your photos in Photoshop. It can be quite time consuming to do it manually by opening the texture, draging and droping it into your image, and changing the layer blending mode. If you want to add another texture, you have to repeat the steps. There is a much faster way to accomplish this, and that is by adding textures in an automated Photoshop action.

Preveal: Super Sales, Living Off The Wall

Preveal is a simple, intuitive iPad application that transforms the dynamics of both in-home, or even in-studio sales sessions.

Posing Is Not Dead, But Overposing Can Suck the Life from Your Moment

Spontaneity is in. Some of the photos professional photographers were producing years ago look as dated as if they belong to a different era. The poses tend to look stiff or awkward, never mind the outdated clothing and hairstyles.