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A Note to Our Readers On the Redesign of Professional Photographer

Portraits that Sell: Allison Tyler Jones' Sales Process Launches at the First Call

Motion, Pictures: The Hybrid Combination of Video and Stills Delights Clients

Proving Your Worth: "See the Difference" Educates the Public

Free PPAedu Video: Top 8 Sales Tips with Beth Forester

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Web Exclusives *October

Music Licensing for Film and Video

There is perhaps no topic as important and contentious in the industry as the legal use of music in the production of videos, particularly event videos. Even if you or your client buys a song on iTunes, you're still not freed from the obligation to attain proper licensing. And using copyrighted music in a clients' personal videos does not constitute fair use.

Know Your Codecs (and other useful technical information)

Some seemingly minor video technical video details are seldom taught in workshops, but they're definitely worth learning as they can help you decide how to compress for the web, what camera to choose, how to solve that pesky editing problem, and whether or not to get that fancy new HDTV.

Video SEO Myth vs. Reality

You've prepped, shot, and edited your video. It's ready for prime time. But the question is, How do I host it? YouTube? Vimeo? Do I upload it to my website? And what about video SEO? Where does that come into play? This article will answer those questions, and likely challenge you a bit, too.