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Brilliant: Diamond Photographers of 2014

Creature Comfort: The Animal Portraits of Tim Flach

Case Study: Renovating a Family Business

Instant Gratification: Wireless Workflow Feeds Social Media

Free PPAedu Video: Lighting and Posing Women

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Web Exclusives *January

Sandwich Style Stop-Motion Via HD-SLR, Interview with Animator PES and DOP Adkins

Academy Award nominated director PES (real name Adam Pesapane) recently shared the final of his trio of food-themed stop-motion animation short films, "Submarine Sandwich." We asked PES and Director of Photography Eric Adkins about the film and how they achieved the consistent look and fine detail of the final product.

First Look: Sony a7 II 5-Axis In-Body IS Impressive

A little more than a year after Sony rocked the photographic world by introducing the a7—the world's first full-frame mirrorless camera—the company recently released an updated version: the 24-megapixel Sony a7 II.