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Perfectly Flawed: Felice Boucher Reinvigorates with a Personal Project

The Commercial is Personal: Gabrielle Revere Cultivates a Loyal Clientele

Know Where You Stand: PPA's Benchmark Data is a Yardstick for Success

Trigger Happy: Wireless Flash Triggers

Free PPAedu Video: Corel Painter: Intro to Painter with Helen Yancy

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Web Exclusives *July

Review: FathomFocus In-Person Sales App

These days, projection sales are the norm, but is your software limiting your sales experience for your client or even you? Being able to use today's technology to offer a stress-free sales experience is important, and FathomFocus is a software solution that does just that.

A Guide to Wireless Flash Triggers

It's a daunting task to sort through and evaluate the more than 60 models of wireless triggers for electronic flash that currently exist on the market. Despite the large number, they all can be categorized into one of two types: optical triggers or radio frequency triggers. Each has advantages and disadvantages.