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First Look: Jeza Photography's Booming Pre-wedding Business

Love of Land: Dawn Kish Captures the Heart of the Outdoors

In Detail: How to Create an HDR Panorama

Review: Nikon D810 Delivers Astounding Detail

Free PPAedu Video: Fundamentals of Flash from Steve Kozak

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Web Exclusives *November

5 Things Every Photographer Learning Video Should Know about the Panasonic GH4 and 4K

Here are five short GH4/4K nuggets of information that will give you enough information to understand and follow the reviews and information out there and to give you the foundation to make an informed decision when considering this camera and other 4K technology.

Looking for that "Yum!" Factor

Try this exercise: Close your eyes and imagine something really really delicious, something that makes you crave. Write down the specific attributes of that mental image. Then cross out everything on your list that relies on senses other than sight. Whatever you finally come up with, those are the things a food photographer has to work with in making an effective image.