In This Issue March

Child portraiture, commercial photography, beauty and fashion shoots. Plus: macro lenses for portraits, a review of polarizing filters, and how certification declares your professionalism to clients. Also: Photovision becomes the bold new PPA member benefit.

Table of Contents

A Way with Children: Gwendolyn Zaczepinski Coaxes Out the Best

Insatiable: Jim Scherer's Commercial Innovation

Bona Fide: A Declaration of Professionalism

Portrait Gems: Macro Lenses Offer Fresh Angles

Free PPAedu Video: Skin Retouching

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Web Exclusives March

Review: Wrap It Up with a Miggo

I have a love hate relationship with camera straps. They are useful, and save my wrists (not to mention keep my camera safe). But they tend to be uncomfortable, bulky, and most annoying, make it more difficult to stow away my camera when it's not being used. So when I saw the Miggo Strap & Wrap, I was intrigued. A camera strap that doubled as a soft case? Interesting.

Imaging USA: Expo Floor Finds

One of my favorite parts of Imaging USA is setting aside time to scout the Imaging Expo and look for new and interesting items that I haven't seen before, spectacular exhibitor displays, and listening to what the crowds of shoppers are responding to.