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  • Balancing act
    A marriage of skills works beautifully for Geoff and Lara White
  • The dreamweaver
    For former photojournalist Joseph Victor Stefanchik, reality is the stuff of wedding magic
  • Good is good
    For Meg Smith, first-rate wedding photography stands on its own
  • The most important thing
    Jeffrey and Julia Woods find a marketable niche in photographing relationships
  • Wedding cinema
    Yitzhak Dalal on the narrative approach that made him one of America’s premier wedding photographers
  • Heat of the moment
    John Dolan’s lively, lovely chaos theory
  • Great expectations
    18 surefire rules for successfully managing a bridal couple
  • Tough Customer
    What does it take to impress a man who’s seen a million wedding photos?
  • A conversation with Andy Marcus
    The name in New York wedding photography tells the story of his success.
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